Four ways to save on your homeowners insurance

Here are some tips on how to save your on your homeowners insurance. Give us a call today to see how else you might be able to save on your home insurance.

Maximize savings with a companion policy discount

Most insurance companies offer a discount on your auto insurance if you are willing to bundle your auto insurance policy with them as well. This is sometimes referred to as an account discount. In some instances, you can benefit from this discount just for having the policies within the same agency.

Review your deductibles

As the policyholder, you’re typically responsible for paying the deductible before an insurance company will respond to a covered loss. You can reduce the cost of your policy if you’re willing to pay more out-of-pocket in the event of a loss.

Recent major system upgrades

Have you recently replaced your roof or updated your circuit breaker box? You may qualify for a discount for the updated system.

Alarm Systems

If you have a home security alarm through your cable and internet provider, or another third party with central alarm reporting, you may qualify for an alarm discount.


The actual savings for discounts and coverage changes can vary depending on the insurance company, the cost of the policy, and other discounts that may already be applied. Always consult with your independent agent on ensuring you are taking advantage of the appropriate discounts.

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